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Scandinavian Ale Bowls

Posted October 17, 2015

This Sunday, October 18th, I'll be doing a bowl turning demonstration and talking about wooden Scandinavian ale bowls at the American Assocination of Woodturners Gallery of Wood Art in St. Paul! If you're in the area, please stop on by and try drinking from the bowls and painting with traditional milk paint! If you're interested, learn more below:

Come and see fresh wood shavings fly as blocks of birch are turned on a power lathe into Scandinavian ale bowls. From celebrations to funerals, ale bowls were at the center of many social events in Scandinavian culture. I'll share information on their place in Nordic culture as well as demonstrate the unique ways in which the bowls were created on the lathe. There will be a discussion of the history, design and finishing techniques of these unique wooden vessels. Visitors are invited to participate in an interactive painting activity and to try out the functionality of these time-tested forms.