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I was born in a rural fishing village in northeastern Japan. My middle name comes from the local 雷電 (raiden) shrine, which is dedicated to the god of thunder and lightning.

Like lightning, I hope to keep my feet on the ground and my thoughts in the sky as I sew and hammer my way through life.

I am a woodworker and educator, inspired by the curved forms found in Scandinavian and Japanese wooden crafts, in particular the boat and bowl. 

I am currently participating in North House Folk School's new Artisan Development Program, which is an 18-month fully-funded residency program in Grand Marais, MN. The program provides the opportunity for craftspeople to hone their skills, study with mentors, work as teachers' assistants, and travel and study in Scandinavia. I'll be primarily focusing on my wooden bowl turning practice.

If you're interested in learning more or organizing a class or craft demonstration, please be in touch!